4H801 Range – Mortuary Trolley – 500kg


The 4H801 Mortuary Trolley is a heavy duty trolley designed for the movement of both coffins and body trays to and from the mortuary unit.

The 4H801DU Mortuary Trolley is a heavy duty trolley with a drive unit fitted. It has been designed for the movement of both coffins and body trays to and from the mortuary unit. The drive unit has a unique suspension system that allows the drive unit to adjust to any variation in height on the ground and keep contact. The drive unit and the 150mm castors makes the trolley extremely easy to manoeuvre. The drive wheel can be raised and lowered electrically to allow for lateral movement of the trolley. The Coffin/Tray brake is applied via an electric system and operated by pushing a button on the control panel on the handles. This feature can also aid in cleaning and draining the body trays by raising one end which allows the fluid to flow and concentrate at one end of the tray. The electric over hydraulic system raise and lower the trolley quietly and efficiently and are operated via a proportional joystick on the handle. The heavy-duty ball bearing rollers allow for effort less loading and unloading. This reduces the risk of damage to the equipment and makes manoeuvring light and easy. The trolley is manufactured from the highest quality materials while using the latest in electronic technology to operate the trolley. The rechargeable battery has a high cycle capability making it suitable for the most demanding conditions. It has been designed to be used in conjunction with the 4H823 racking system, it’s compact design along with the efficient space saving racking system make it the perfect combination to fit out an existing room or new design.



  • Tray drive roller
  • Concealment top
  • Weigh scale
  • Deep cycle high capacity batteries
  • 500kg SWL
  • Coffin & body tray compatible
  • Variable speed electric over hydraulic lifting system
  • Heavy duty ball bearing rollers
  • Stainless steel top and bottom frames
  • Variable speed drive unit
  • Electric Coffin/Tray Brake
  • Electric raise and lower drive wheel function
  • High capacity maintenance free battery
  • 150mm lockable castors
  • Front corner buffers
  • Safety horn
  • Belly stopper
  • Finger tip control panel

Overall Dimensions

  • Length:
    •  2425mm (standard trolley)
    • 2540mm (tray drive roller)
  • Width:
    • 870mm (standard trolley)
    • 870mm (concealment top – standard width)
    • 940mm (concealment top – bariatric width)
  • Height: 1050mm
  • Platform Height (top of rollers) High: 1900mm Low: 400mm
  • Product Weight: 230kg