Autopsy Table – Mobile – 300kg


The 4H805 Autopsy Table provides a stable work platform while still being height adjustable. Two robust electrically operated columns lift and tilt the platform. A long life, rechargeable battery supplies the power and a push button handset makes operating the High/Low and Tilt functions effortless. The tilt function makes it easy to drain the tray with the built-in drain hole and hose. The fully welded stainless steel tray has a 35mm deep recess with angled sides to aid in fluid retention and ease of cleaning. It also has a push handle  which is height adjustable via the high/low function on the handset. The base frame is made from mild steel which is zinc treated then epoxy powder coated. It also has three 125mm locking castors giving the trolley excellent stability and one directional lock castor to provide excellent manoeuvrability. The base design allows the user to get closer to the platform without knocking the base. A perforated top is available as an option.

  • 300kg SWL
  • Dual actuators
  • 304 stainless steel top section
  • Epoxy powder coated base frame
  • Electric high/low operation
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • 125mm lockable castors
  • Push / pull handle
  • Drain hole with hose
  • Electric tilt function for easy drainage
  • Ergonomic base design
  • Zinc pre-treated epoxy powder coated base

Overall Dimensions

  • Length: 2090mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Platform Height High: 1015mm Low: 615mm
  • Product Weight: 90kg