Customised products, refined results

Workplaces, including mortuaries, are often designed around one-size-fits-all principles, which means these areas are not specialised.

We provide a standard range where this suits requirements. We also consult, design, draft and manufacture bespoke products for the mortuary industry with custom-designed equipment that is purpose built for each individual client.

Quality and product durability are key to our design ethos. From the initial consultation with the client and first sketches through the development process to the final product, we ensure the highest standards are maintained at all times.

We utilise dimensional design to address any possible design and engineering issues before the first prototype is produced. And rapid prototyping with our 3D printers allows us to refine plastic components and streamline design before final production. For a seamless result.

Remember, if it doesn’t exist, we’ll engineer it.
Adapting and advising

One of our specialties is in providing complete mortuary fit outs where the interior layout is designed from scratch and equipment custom built for that particular environment – for a result that is all-encompassing, integrated and fit-for-purpose.

We also provide an advisory service where we work with architects and builders to solve problems and create clever designs. Because we understand the specific requirements of mortuary rooms and crematoria, we can provide relevant advice to other professionals. We also supply 3D renderings for architects to incorporate into multi-dimensional models. In other instances, we devise innovative ideas and adapt our equipment to fit into challenging spaces and overcome other problems. We can do this because it’s custom built

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Dressing trolleys

Made from high quality stainless steel with smooth surfaces and precision welding. In a range of styles and sizes.


Specifically designed for lifting and transporting cadavers. No physical lifting, no risk of operator strain.

Electronic lifting trolleys

For the specific transportation requirements of mortuaries. The trolley bears the load, not the operator.


Stainless steel benches that sit independently or are built into the wall. Standard or custom, your choice.

Expert but economical

Custom built doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

All products are fabricated on site at our factory, giving us greater control over the process. Customised equipment can be economically manufactured using our in-house 3D printers, metal fabricators, welders, assemblers and testing technicians.

The result is equipment that is a ‘quiet achiever’, engineered for a particular purpose, providing value for money and a complete solution for our clients.

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For the easy and ergonomic loading of trays, coffins and caskets. A modular system for flexibility.


High quality, long lasting stainless steel trays with precision welding. Robust and rugged.


Mortuary, coffin and body trolleys that can be wheeled around as needed. Custom designed, carefully crafted.