Customised and complete

A sister company to 4Healthcare, we began designing and producing fit-for-purpose equipment to suit the specific requirements of morticians after noticing the need for better products within the industry.

We continued to evolve, providing complete fit-outs and an advisory service as part of a customised design service for clients who need a holistic approach. Because although mortuaries are part of the healthcare industry, their needs are very specific.

Our methodology is always smooth and smart, using a product that is clever, customised and well designed. It is also streamlined because we take care of the entire process.

Our people

Highly skilled and professional, our people enjoy working with others who are passionate about their jobs, the challenge of creating customised designs,  and the satisfaction of generating clever solutions.

Our staff share the company philosophy of continuous improvement, something that is reflected in the quality of the products we manufacture and the service we provide. We don’t rest until we’ve produced the best.


Our product

We are proud of our products. With good reason.
The equipment we produce has been skilfully designed by a small team of experienced, dedicated people.

It is then manufactured to our stringent standards, whereby all processes from metal preparation and welding to plastic injection and powder coating are carefully supervised. The products then go through the final steps of our quality control procedure before being released to market.


Our design DNA

Our workforce consists of industrial designers, qualified trades people and mechanical engineers,
all of whom live and breathe design.

It’s steeped in our DNA. We understand the role of form and function, aesthetics and application, and are always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

For us, the process doesn’t stop when a piece of equipment has been produced. We are constantly reviewing existing products and designing new equipment, as well as researching new markets. Quality design doesn’t happen overnight.