Equipment repairs

No matter how well designed and built, all products need to be serviced and maintained to ensure the equipment is in optimal working condition and, more importantly, to preserve a safe working environment.

This preventative role of maintenance means problems can be avoided before they occur.

Our team of highly trained staff includes experts with qualifications in electrical, electronics, automotive (mechanical) steel fabrication and product design. As well as repairing equipment, we investigate ways of increasing lifespan to save you money. All work is conducted in accordance with the appropriate Australian and international standards.


We also have our own fully equipped workshop, which means there is no intermediary, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently so you can return to full capacity.

Smart systems

Our products perform a physical function and also include a significant technical component – the software that programs the equipment to lift and lower and fulfil its purpose.

Since we are constantly looking to improve our systems, we sometimes create new code that improves the product and results in superior functionality. Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure new code can be programmed into existing products so they are kept up to date and in the best possible condition.

As part of the maintenance process, we log and record every change, no matter how small, using our state-of-the-art asset management system. Clients receive hard copy records and also have access to this information through our cloud-based records system.


Working in the wings

Our factory is well equipped for:

  • high quality in-house fabrication
  • custom parts and design
  • on site welding
  • stainless and mild steel
  • aluminium welding
  • machining
  • tube and rod bending
  • 3D printing.