1 Bay Rack 4 Tier Light Side Loading – 200kg


The 4H824LSL (light) series racking is designed to be smaller and more compact to suit the requirements of small area fit-outs. When combined with the compact 4H800/S series Trolley they will deliver a streamlined workflow allowing for a smooth transition from location to location of the deceased with weights up to 200kg with minimal operator effort and no manual lifting required. The racking comes with ball bearing rollers that can accommodate body trays, caskets, and cremation containers. The side loading capability allows for economical use of space with the Mortuary Side Loading Racking System. The flat-pack design reduces transport cost and makes it easy to install into small areas. Our racking system and cadaver trays are available in standard sizes but can also be custom designed to suit each installation thus optimizing the space available and increasing your storage capacity. Also available in a side loading configuration.

  • Stainless Steel flat pack construction
  • 4 tiers
  • Zinc treated ball bearing rollers
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Fits cadaver trays, coffins and caskets
  • 10 rollers per tier
  •  Front retainer bracket
  • Rubber bumpers at end stop
  •  Front retainer latch
  • Max weight up to 200kg

 Overall Dimensions 

  • Length: 2110mm
  • Width: 715mm
  • Height: 1760mm Tier Height (floor to top of rollers)
  • 1st: 300mm – Max Weight 200kg
  • 2nd: 765mm – Max Weight 200kg
  • 3rd: 1230mm – Max Weight 200kg
  • 4th: 1695mm – Max Weight 120kg

Tier internal storage capacity

  • Width: 630mm
  • Height: 400mm Length: 2000mm  
  • Product Weight: 75kg